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Packaging Seal Integrity and Leak Detection Systems

Dynascan is a world leading manufacturer of innovative packaging leak detection and seal integrity solutions. Customers include those within the pharmaceutical, medical devices, food manufacturing and automation industries.

Led by a highly skilled team of specialists, more than thirty years of experience is drawn upon throughout the product development phase. All test systems are designed and manufactured to the highest quality, with an individual, tailor-made service available, providing complete technical and engineering solutions.


Dynascan provides innovative solutions for the monitoring of packaging integrity.

Where barrier or seal integrity problems do occur, we can help to identify the failure modes and locate their source to aid in prompt recovery and minimize downtime. Our package leak testing assessment techniques include; destructive and non-destructive methods, methylene blue dye, altitude testing, bubble emissions, reactive force and burst testing. View our product brochure for further information.

MediTEST M012C

DSC7901-whitebackground-product-frontAdvanced, non-destructive package leak detection system.


MediTEST M012P

MediTEST M012P Non-Destructive Leak Test EquipmentLow cost, non-destructive package leak detection system.



MediBLUE Blue Dye Penetration Vacuum Leak Test EquipmentMethylene blue dye penetration vacuum system.



LeakVIEW Vacuum Leak Test Equipment - Burst TestingBubble emission, altitude and burst testing vacuum system.



Packaging development and product quality is of utmost importance within industries such as pharmaceutical, food and medical. With such fierce competition and stringent regulations, it is essential that the packaging development and production process is as efficient as possible. Routine packaging leak detection and testing enables companies to certify that their packaging integrity has not been compromised, ensuring consistently high-quality production. Systems can be built to ASTM standards.

Non-destructive methods such as vacuum testing allow products to be reintroduced to the production process, reducing expensive waste. Bubble emission tests have proven to be very successful for food-related products such as crisp manufacturers, providing an effective visual method of leak detection and ensuring that modified atmospheres are retained within their packaging. For further application information regarding Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), please visit our Cambridge Sensotec website.

Pharmaceutical Package TestingPackages For TestingTypical package integrity testing applications include:

  • Pharmaceutical blister packs and pillow packs
  • Pharmaceutical sachets and pouches
  • Medical device sachets and pouches
  • Food sachets
  • Crisp packets
  • Cigarette packs
  • Non-porous packs with dry content
  • Functional and parametric testing of devices and components
  • On or off site product integrity evaluation and batch testing