MediBLUE – Methylene Blue Dye Test

The MediBLUE automates the industry standard methylene blue dye penetration test, by where packaging is submerged in a blue dye solution. The test chamber is then placed under a vacuum which forces the dye into any openings within the packaging.

Should there be any holes present in the packaging then there will be a clear sign of blue dye penetration present within the packaging. The methylene blue dye penetration test has proven to be a popular method of package testing due to its simple, effective and reliable results, in addition to low capital costs.


  • Audible and visual indicators
  • Pre-set with user specified parameters
  • Based around a discrete electronic circuit design – does not require software validation
  • Optional extras include monitor box, internal vacuum generator and electric pump
Vacuum range 0-750 mBar vacuum
Vacuum dwell time 0.5 – 499 seconds
Hold (penetration) time 0.5 – 499 seconds
Voltage 100/240V, 50-60Hz
Compressed air 5.5 bar at 200l/min (venturi generator models only)
Dimensions (H) 150mm x (W) 350mm x (D) 300mm (basic model)
(H) 280mm x (W) 350mm x (D) 300mm (cGMP model)
Materials Grade 304 stainless steel or powder coated casework
Standards CE marked

Download the Dynascan MediBLUE Technical Specification Datasheet