BW Clip

Personal Single Gas Detectors

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Hard Hat Clip - £44.00
Neck Strap - £35.00
Short Strap - £14.00
Extension Strap - £55.00
IR Datalink - £131.00

£142.00 VAT excl.

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The BW Clip single-gas detector is your everyday companion for hazardous environments. It offers up to three years of operation maintenance-free and requires no calibration, sensor replacement, battery replacement or battery charging. That means great reliability and no downtime.

Please note estimated delivery for BW gas detector units is an average of 1-3 weeks, please contact us for up to date lead times. Our detectors are sourced direct from the manufacturer so that the sensors have the longest possible lifespan when they arrive with you.

Remember, to ensure that your detectors are working at peak performance and offering the maximum protection to you and your staff, we offer a full calibration and service facility here at Cambridge Sensotec. Please contact us at for more information. 


  • Maintenance-free: no sensor or battery changes necessary
  • Compact, lightweight design with one-button operation
  • Designed for a range of harsh environments and extreme temperatures
  • Automated self-test of battery, sensor and electronics
  • Wide-angle flash, which alerts simultaneously with audible and vibrating alarm
  • Automatic logging of the 35 most recent gas events and bump test results
  • Compatible with MicroDock II and Fleet Manager II software
  • Affordable, with low cost of ownership


  • H2S
  • CO
  • O2
  • SO2