MediTEST MO12P – Non-Destructive Packaging Tester

The MediTEST MO12P range is a lower cost alternative to the MO12C, operating on the same established principle of measuring the reactive force generated by a pack when subjected to vacuum.The non-destructive nature of this method of packaging testing allows for flawless products to be returned to the production line, significantly reducing waste and cost.

Modular and flexible design allows the packaging leak detection system to be optimised for each product application while a self-adjusting sensor reduces the requirement for any specialist tooling. This maximises sensitivity and minimises test time.

A custom designed, embedded controller is employed that features a multi-line alphanumeric display. Physical user input control are provided for operator functions and programming. Available in single or four channel configuration. The MO12P-1 is ideal for low-volume testing while the MO12P-4 allows for a more comprehensive observation of batch performance.



  • Self-adjusting sensors
  • Detects holes down to ten microns
  • Non-destructive
  • Custom designed, embedded controller with multi-line alphanumeric display
  • Physical input controls for operator functions and programming
  • Security provided by a removable access key
  • Optional data capture
  • Front loading


Limit of detection Better than 10 microns hole diameter
(Performance is a function of pack size)
Test cycle time Down to 10 seconds
(Performance is a function of pack size)
Number of packs MO12P-1: Single pack
MO12P-4: Up to four packets simultaneously
Pack dimensions MO12P-1: (L) 140mm x (W) 125mm x (D) 35mm
MO12P-4: (L) 140mm x (W) 90mm x (D) 35mm
(No minimum for porous packs. Headspace required)
HMI Display 4 line alpha-numeric display
Voltage 110/230V, 50-60Hz
Compressed air 6 Bar (200l/min)
Dimensions MO12P-1: (H) 450mm x (W) 330mm x (D) 470mm
MO12P-4: (H) 450mm x (W) 565mm x (D) 470mm
Materials Grade 304 stainless steel casework
Compliance Can operate in compliance with 21CFR part 11
Standards CE marked

Download the Dynascan MediTEST MO12P-1 Technical Specification Datasheet
Download the Dynascan MediTEST MO12P-4 Technical Specification Datasheet