Gas Detection

Cambridge Sensotec has been supplying gas detection solutions from BW Technologies, Oldham and Witt Gas for over ten years now. All the gas detectors purchased from Cambridge Sensotec are supplied directly from the manufacturer. This ensures that upon arrival to you the sensors are as accurate as possible.  We offer a full calibration and maintenance service by fully trained technicians, so you can be assured that your detectors are working to optimum efficiency all year round. Giving you peace of mind whilst maintaining your important health and safety standards.

Please email or call +44 (0)1480 462142 to learn more about the BW, Oldham and Witt range of products or should you wish to receive a quotation.


BW Technologies

BW Technologies by Honeywell is a world leader in the gas detection industry with a strong commitment to providing high performance and dependable gas detection solutions. Manufacturers of the comprehensive range of portable GasAlert detectors, BW Technologies provide solutions to a wide variety of applications and industries. Options range from maintenance-free single gas detectors to feature-rich multigas devices designed to suit all budgets and hazard monitoring requirements.

BW Single Gas Detectors

BW Clip; two-year version
H2S, CO, SO2, O2
BW Clip; three-year version
BW Solo; Standard, Wireless, Lite versions
Cl2, ClO2, CO, EtO, H2, H2S, HCN, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, O3, PH3, SO2
Calibration and sensor replacement
Please click here to see the BW Solo data sheet


BW Multi Gas Detectors

BW GasAlert Microclip XL
CO / H2S, / LEL / O2
4-gas, 3-gas, 2-gas, 1-gas versions
BW GasAlert Microclip X3
CO / H2S, / LEL / O2
 4-gas, 3-gas, 2-gas, 1-gas versions
BW GasAlert Quattro
CO / H2S, / LEL / O2
4-gas, 3-gas, 2-gas, 1-gas versions
Alkaline battery or rechargeable battery versions
CO / H2S, / LEL / O2
4-gas, 3-gas, 2-gas, 1-gas versions
BW Ultra with pump
O2 / LEL / H2S, CO / VOCs, CO2 IR, SO2, NH3, Cl2
 5-gas and 4-gas versions available
BW GasAlert Micro 5 
O2 / LEL / H2S, CO / CO2 IR, SO2, NH3, Cl2
5-gas, 4-gas, 3-gas, 2-gas, 1-gas versions

Calibration and sensor replacement



Oldham Gas

Specialists in the design and manufacture of fixed gas detection products and systems, Oldham Gas pride themselves on their undiluted focus to maximising performance, quality and reliability. Their gas detection products meet all major international certification standards and are used within applications such as; oil and gas, food, medical and water treatment.

Oldham Gas Fixed Detection


Contact us for gas required
Calibration and sensor replacement

Oldham Gas Control Panels


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Witt Gas

For 70 years WITT Gas Techniques have produced high-quality gas equipment. Customers around the world choose WITT Gas to supply them with equipment when requirements of quality, safety and process integration are paramount. Their products include the Oxybaby® handheld gas analyser that is specifically designed for the food/packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) industry.

Witt Gas MAP Gas Analysers

Oxybaby M+
Oxybaby 6.0
Spare needles
Spare filters
Spare patches

Single gas (O2) and dual gas (O2, CO2) versions available
Calibration and sensor replacement