Blue Hydrogen Analysis

With recent interest in the environment, carbon emissions, electric vehicles, heating our homes etc, there has been a massive surge in interest in hydrogen. This is because it can be used to power vehicles, generate electricity and provide power for industrial processes.

Blue hydrogen can be produced through the decarbonisation of hydrocarbons. Cambridge Sensotec can offer support in the measurement of the gas produced to provide confidence in your process.

The Rapidox 7100 Multi-gas Analyser is a high-specification instrument designed for the continuous measurement, analysis, control and monitoring of Hydrogen production outputs. It allows the option of selecting multiple gas-sensing configurations to suit this application.

Combining Thermal Conductivity Sensors to analyse the Hydrogen output with Infra-red, Tunable Laser Diodes and Electrochemical sensors to monitor the other gases present, offers a complete solution to the monitoring of your process. These sensors range of measurement can be tailored to ensure you get the accurate readings you need.

Our Rapidox 7100 standard hydrogen production, via decarbonisation, configuration will measure Hydrogen (H2), Methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Oxygen (O2). We can also include dewpoint analysis as an upgrade. This can be built as a 19” rack mountable unit or a free-standing bench top device. Rack mounting units can be incorporated into a 19” rack mount cabinet that can have ATEX rating suitable for the location.

Other options can include the Rapidox 5100 as a mobile analyser with full laboratory functionality. It can therefore be moved as necessary for use at different locations around a site. We also have analysers that will solely measure your H2 output. They will display the other gases as a combined balance gas.

Cambridge Sensotec’s technical team collaborates with multiple users to fine-tune the form and function of their analysers. Our team ensure they suit user requirements. We continue to develop our products for industrial applications.

As a privately-owned company, our staff consist of highly-skilled technologists. Cambridge Sensotec have the ideal capability to react to its customers unique gas analysis requirements. Dynamic and flexible – we design and supply solutions to suit a variety of gas analysis applications.

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