It may be possible to rent a Rapidox analyser, dependent on availability. Please contact Cambridge Sensotec for further details.

All calibrated Rapidox analysers are accompanied by an authenticated calibration certificate. This is signed by our Head of Quality Control and includes details of the sensor signal, test gas concentration, reading and deviation values. Further details note the specific Rapidox serial number and calibration configuration file. As part of the company’s ISO 9001 standards, all calibration data is recorded for the purposes of sending calibration reminders or for the reissue of lost calibration certificates. Please contact Cambridge Sensotec for further details.

It is recommended that gas analysers are re-calibrated every twelve months as a minimum and ideally every six months, to verify that the gas sensors are responding correctly and to improve measurement accuracy, consistency and reliability. Cambridge Sensotec offers a full calibration service (see the After Sales page on the left hand side) for a range of gas analysis and detection equipment, in addition to a variety of calibration gases.

Our highly trained technicians are able to offer a range of servicing options including calibration and sensor replacement. Please contact Cambridge Sensotec for further details.

Cambridge Sensotec prides ourselves on our personal after-sales service. We are here to help you with any technical or application queries that you may have at any point after purchasing your Rapidox. In addition, we offer the Team Viewer service that enables remote diagnostics for a rapid response, should you experience technical difficulties with your Rapidox.

The static range of Rapidox analysers (1100, 2100, 3100 and 7100) are fitted with a range of outputs and alarms. Please contact Cambridge Sensotec for further information.

The static range of Rapidox analysers (1100, 2100, 3100 and 7100) are fitted with RS232 communication outputs as standard. There is the option of configuring RS485 communications at the point of order, which will enable the Rapidox to be used with a PLC or other control devices.

Due to ongoing changes in global components supplies, please contact Cambridge Sensotec for an accurate lead time.

All Rapidox gas analysers are manufactured within the Cambridge Sensotec facilities in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Our sales team endeavour to reply to all quotation requests within one working day.

Our technicians are continually developing our Rapidox product range and are happy to review the possibility of new ideas. Please forward a full specification to Cambridge Sensotec for further details.

Rapidox gas analysers can be used within a wide range of applications. Please visit our application page for further details. If you are unsure of which Rapidox is most appropriate for your application, then please contact Cambridge Sensotec. Our experienced sales team will be happy to assess your gas analysis requirements and advise on a suitable solution.

For further information on Rapidox technical specifications, please visit our product pages. A downloadable PDF is available in the Specification tab of each individual product page.

Various sensor technologies are adopted depending on the application and the gases that are to be analysed. Rapidox oxygen analysers are based on two different types of sensor; zirconia and electrochemical, as explained in the following document. Please contact Cambridge Sensotec for further details.

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