About Us

exterior building of cambridge sensotec

Since the year 2000, Cambridge Sensotec has been at the forefront of gas analysis solutions. The aim was always to go the extra mile for our customers. Thanks to the passion and innovation of our staff, we always will.

We are based in Cambridge, England, yet our reach is global. Our Rapidox range of gas analysers is used every day in different industries all over the world. As well as offering oxygen and multigas solution options, we also have a comprehensive list of accessories to enhance performance and user experience.

In recent times, a real focus has been made on developing our OEM range. Our customer’s needs are becoming more specific, so we need to be more accommodating; case studies are proof that it is working.

It is not just the products that are important. Support and after-sale service are key components of our company vision. This includes calibration processes that help to maintain and improve your equipment. Full servicing options on analysers are also available.

‘Advancing excellence in gas analysis’ is not just a slogan, it is our mission. From larger companies and prestigious academic institutes to smaller organizations and individual operators – we have helped them all. Speak to us today to see if we can help you.