Biogas and Syngas

Cambridge Sensotec offers a range of portable and fixed installation multigas analysers that cover the spectrum of Biogas and Syngas applications.

Biogas is a renewable energy source created during Anaerobic Digestion (AD). It is a natural process that takes place within digesters where waste organic matter is broken down in the absence of oxygen. Production generally takes place within agricultural or industrial plants, such as breweries or food processing sites and creates a gas-rich in CO2, CH4 and often with a high H2S content which is very toxic.

Coal gas or syngas is produced from the gasification, reforming or pyrolysis of carbon-based materials. These include; coal, biomass, plastics or other domestic waste. During production, these materials are subjected to high temperatures under a controlled atmosphere. The synthetic gas that is produced is rich in CO and H2, with smaller amounts of CO2 and CH4 present. It can be used in the production of chemicals or as a fuel source.

Both the portable battery-powered Rapidox 5100 and the 19″ rack mount Rapidox 7100 can be configured for either Biogas or syngas analysis with the correct sensors and ranges for each gas type. The analysers have live-time thermodynamic energy calculations to present the calorific value of the sample gas and there is a range of filters available for coping with the high humidity of biogas or the high tar content of syngas. Alternatively, the Rapidox 3100 can be configured as a budget multigas analyser for these applications.

5100 Biogas Analyser
5100 Syngas Analyser
7100 Biogas Analyser
7100 Syngas Analyser

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