Solder Reflow Oven

Solder reflow ovens play a vital role in the thriving electronics industry, facilitating large-scale production of printed circuit boards.

These innovative ovens enable the attachment of electrical components to their contact pads on a PCB by applying solder paste. Through a controlled heating process, the solder paste melts, creating durable solder joints that ensure reliable connections.

In the reflow process, the heat generated within the oven promotes the reaction between metals and oxygen (O2) present in the environment. This reaction leads to the formation of oxides, which can hinder the solder’s adhesion to the metals.

To combat this issue, inert gas blanketing, typically using nitrogen, has been introduced to prevent oxide formation. This technique enhances reliability, improves wetting angles, and yields shinier solder joints. To achieve optimal results, precise control of the oxygen content in the oven’s inert atmosphere becomes imperative, ultimately boosting the performance of your solder reflow process.

Cambridge Sensotec, renowned for its expertise in gas analysis, has garnered considerable success supplying gas analysers to the Solder Reflow Oven market. Our collaboration with leading manufacturers worldwide has enabled us to provide tailored solutions for their production lines.

Leveraging our flagship product, the Rapidox 1100, equipped with a high-quality zirconia O2 sensor, we have customised our analysers to not only monitor but also control the inert atmosphere through a comprehensive PID control circuit. We have also implemented additional filtration measures to ensure sensor longevity.

Moreover, our versatile gas analyser allows for measuring up to three zones within your oven, all with a single device.

Rapidox gas analysers consistently deliver rapid and accurate analysis of your inert atmosphere, offering programmable alarms that empower you with control and reliability during the soldering process. Our advanced technology optimises the solder reflow procedure, guaranteeing excellent outcomes.

Whether you are a Solder Reflow Oven manufacturer or an individual seeking to enhance your oven’s capabilities, Cambridge Sensotec is here to help.

Our unique and tailored approach ensures that we provide solutions that align with your equipment and budget requirements. Get in touch with us today to discover how our expertise can elevate your solder reflow experience.

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