Calibration is Key

The importance of calibration cannot be understated. Even though the gas analysers which are supplied by Cambridge Sensotec deliver exceptional service over long periods, you must calibrate them to maintain performance. This month we look at the reasons why you should do this and what the benefits are from yearly calibrations as a part of a full system service.

First and foremost, regular calibrations equal more accurate results. Even though that sounds like common sense, with the modern day-to-day challenges we all face combined with time constraints, its an easy practice to forget. Our team will remind you when it’s time but it’s a good idea to set a date in the calendar for a year in advance.

Secondly, a service is recommended to prevent damage to sensitive components such as sensors, especially if the unit becomes contaminated during use. Sensor life spans can vary due to frequency of use and application, but well-maintained sensors have been known to last over 3 years. Combining your calibration with a service is always worth considering when the time comes.

At Cambridge Sensotec we have a fully trained team of technicians equipped with a specialist calibration station with which it can perform highly accurate testing quickly and in a cost-effective manner, ensuring that we save you time and money. Once the test has been completed we return your analyser with a certificate of completion and complete test results.

Alternatively, if you would rather carry out the calibration yourself, we can provide a calibration kit which includes the appropriate calibration gas. Once you receive your kit you can follow the simple instructions to calibrate your analyser so that you can quickly get back to what matters most.

If you are due a calibration or would like to know more details, please contact us today.

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