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New Website Coming Soon

New Website!

Our exciting and entirely new website is due to be launched on the 1st September. As Cambridge Sensotec grows, so does our product offering and the new website is designed to accommodate existing and future growth. Look out for the launch next month! We’ve added some fantastic new features, including the following:
New Website Features - Applications, Support and SF6 Gas Analysis


We know that our customer base stretches far and wide, over many various industries. Because of this we have been able to gain a vast amount of application knowledge which we will be sharing online.


As the importance of technology grows, so does our need for technical support. We’ve designed our site to cater for your needs with product Troubleshooting and FAQ’s.

SF6 Gas Analysis

SF6 analysis is a new and growing sector of our business and we are committed to nurturing its development. As a result, we are launching a dedicated SF6 microsite.

Rapidox 1100 Gas Analyser

Rapidox Modular Configurations

To cope with the ever-increasing demand for bespoke gas analysis solutions, the Rapidox range of gas analysers will soon become configurable with the ability to customise the right product by choosing a selection of options.

Should you have an enquiry for a bespoke Rapidox, Cambridge Sensotec sales team will be happy to help. Please contact us on +44 (0)1480 462142 or email sales@cambridge-sensotec.co.uk. Further details can be found on our website: www.cambridge-sensotec.co.uk

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