Introducing the new Rapidox 1100Z

Cambridge Sensotec’s flagship Rapidox 1100Z oxygen gas analyser is relaunching in November 2018 with a new look, new features and fully upgraded software.

View the old versus new Rapidox 1100Z Specification

  • Alarm relays now have a latching option to fall in line with standard equipment features.
  • A new OLED screen which delivers improved visibility from every angle, with four lines of information displayed.
  • The new Rapidox can be connected directly to a network and accessed remotely via a PC in the same network or over the internet, with the use of an Ethernet adaptor.
  • An updated, superior zirconia planar sensor, providing faster and more accurate trace oxygen measurements.
  • Modbus RTU is now installed as a standard communications protocol; ideal for when used in conjunction with a PLC or other external control systems.
  • Enhanced calibration allows up to five separate test gases to be used instead of three. The calibration quality can also be gauged by the incorporation of a live R-squared function.

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