Introducing The New Rapidox 2100Z!

After October’s flagship Rapidox 1100 received an upgrade, we decided to update our Rapidox 2100 oxygen gas analyser to follow suit! With a modern blue fascia and a host of upgrades, we believe the Rapidox 2100Z is the ideal instrument for all your oxygen analysis needs.

To learn about the many new features, please check out the link below:

View the Old vs New Rapidox 2100Z Specification

The Rapidox 2100Z is a high-performance oxygen (O2) analyser fitted with a rugged long-life zirconia sensor on a remote cable, together with a type K thermocouple sensor; allowing direct measurement of oxygen and temperature in the sample gas. The analyser provides fast and accurate analysis over the low ppm oxygen range in harsh environments up to 650°C.

Despite the updates to the machine, convenience for the user has not been sacrificed. The instrument can still be panel mounted or supplied within a wall mountable and remains extremely tough in IP65 weatherproof housing. Not to mention the optional sensor extension cables which allow the analyser to be up to 25 meters away from the sensors, depending on the application.

There are many cutting edge features, such as enhanced calibration, Modbus RTU all within the windows software. Get in touch with us today to find out more! To do so, you can do one of the following:

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