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Rapidox 1100 Oxygen Gas AnalyserCambridge Sensotec Ltd, a UK based manufacturer of scientific gas analysis instruments, is proud to announce the signing of a major contract to supply the company’s Rapidox brand of oxygen gas analyser to Heller Industries Inc.
Heller Industries is the world’s leading manufacturer of solder reflow ovens based in the USA, with manufacturing plants in China, Korea and Malaysia.

Heller solder reflow ovens are used to solder the circuit boards included within many electronic devices such as; smartphones, MP3 players, digital cameras, tablets and laptop computers. As the global demand for electronic products increases, so does the demand for quality manufacturing processes.The presence of oxygen inside the solder reflow oven can create impurities within the solder used on the circuit boards. To eliminate the possibility of this issue occurring, nitrogen is used to purge the oven of oxygen, thus ensuring the highest standards of solder quality are met.

The challenge put to Cambridge Sensotec was to develop a controlled loop version of its popular Rapidox oxygen gas analyser to measure any residual oxygen levels present during the solder reflow process. From the accurate oxygen measurement readings, the analyser was required to produce control signals to operate a proportional flow control (PFC) valve inside the oven should the level of oxygen increase. The Rapidox analyser was also required to integrate seamlessly with the solder reflow oven control and management system via bespoke software communications and hardware connections.

Cambridge Sensotec’s Rapidox analyser prototypes were evaluated over a 12 month period at Heller Industries facilities in the USA, China and Korea, using various solder fluxes to test the performance and resilience of the gas analyser. These tests proved to be very successful, with technical teams from both companies working together to fine-tune the form and function of the Rapidox product to suit Heller’s stringent requirements.

With the business partnership now formalised between the two companies, Cambridge Sensotec is embarking on rapid expansion plans this year at its premises in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK. An extra floor has been added for offices and factory space as well as the recruitment of additional production staff to facilitate the growing demand for the company’s Rapidox gas analysis products.

Hemang Patel, Vice President of Operations, Heller Industries commented:
“We are excited to work with Cambridge Sensotec. Our Worldwide vendor analysis determined that they had the best technical strength and most reliable product. Additionally, they are very easy to do business with – all the elements of a great partner!”

Mark Swetnam, Managing Director, Cambridge Sensotec commented:
“We are delighted to win this very substantial order from Heller Industries and we are very pleased to have been successful in providing a bespoke solution in our specialised Rapidox oxygen gas analysers to a leading international company. As Cambridge Sensotec products are manufactured here at our factory in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, the export contract will not only benefit the company but will also contribute towards the local economy.”

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