Measuring gases – What is the fuss about?


Gases are everywhere and you may be surprised just how many items you use daily that have been manufactured under controlled gas environments.

After all, the difference between having the latest smartphone and a great sandwich comes down to the correctly measured gases used to help create and package them. Did you know that our gas analysers are helping people get the hip and shoulder implants they desperately need? The implants are created under an oxygen controlled environment with the help from our Rapidox models.

Here at Cambridge Sensotec, we have dedicated ourselves to finding the solutions to your gas analysis requirement, from securing your manufacturing processes or ensuring quality control within your food factory, we’ve established a wealth of knowledge whilst operating over the last 17 years.

With over 7 core models and many variations, be assured that reliability and accuracy are at the forefront of Cambridge Sensotec’s customer philosophy.

Industries within chemical processes, food production or inert gas blanketing are the perfect companion for the Rapidox 1100, the analyser that specialises in analysing low ppm levels or 100% oxygen with zirconia or electrochemical sensors. Perhaps you require a gas analyser that can withstand high temperate vacuum applications providing low ppm oxygen analysis? In that case you might like to consider the Rapidox 2100 gas analyser.

Although experts in oxygen analysis, Cambridge Sensotec also specialise in biogas, syngas, multigas and SF6 gas analysis instruments. To view our full product range, check out our products page.

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