New 3-Channel OEM Oxygen Analyser Launched

2010_September_OEM_Oxygen_AnalyserThe 3-Channel Rapidox OEM provides precise oxygen analysis over the full range (10-20ppm to 100% O2). The gas analyser presents the user with continuous on-line oxygen analysis over three separate channels, with an extremely fast response time and is accurate to -+1% of the actual oxygen concentration.

Supplied in a metal housing, the OEM unit comprises of three zirconia oxygen sensors on a 2m cable, which can handle a temperature of up to 600oC. The cable can be extended to 10m if required and is especially useful for oxygen measurements in vacuum conditions. A range of vacuum fittings is available. The 3-Channel Rapidox OEM unit is perfect for Industrial applications such as taking measurements from furnaces or kilns.

Standard features include programmable analogue outputs (0-5v or 4-20mA), easy calibration, RS485 communications and complete communications/data logging software. Bespoke software allows seamless integration with the user’s PC, in addition to the possibility of running two complete systems off one PC, giving the user access to six channels. The firmware enables the user to set two fully programmable alarms for each channel.

Cambridge Sensotec was established in 2000 to manufacture high-quality gas instruments. It exports it Rapidox range throughout the world and is an ISO9001 certified company.

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