Oxygen Analysers in Nitrogen Applications

Nitrogen Applications That Employ Oxygen AnalysersNitrogen gas is the most commonly used of industrial gases. It is used within a wide range of industries, including food processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum processing, glass and ceramic manufacture, steelmaking and other metals refining and fabrication processes, pulp and paper manufacture, and healthcare. A selection of metal based nitrogen applications include:


Annealing is a process for softening metals by heating the metal and maintaining a set temperature, followed by controlled cooling. The correct atmosphere is key to a successful, repeatable annealing process. The use of nitrogen-based systems can improve the quality of annealing ferrous or non-ferrous metals.


Sintering is an industrial process using compressed metal or ceramic powders to form objects. By using nitrogen atmospheres within the process, quality and consistency of the product is assured and the sintered parts are protected from oxidation and decarburisation. Production can also be increased with faster start-ups and fewer process interruptions.


Brazing is a process of bonding two or sections of metal together by melting a softer metal with a lower melting point across the joins. For example, brass can be melted to bond two sections of steel together to form a strong sealed joint. The introduction of nitrogen during the bonding process can minimise oxidation and improve the quality of the joints.

Hardening and Tempering

Industries such as automotive manufacturing require metal parts and components to be stress resistant. The hardening and tempering process of heating and rapid cooling metal can increase its strength and durability. Quality and consistency are improved by using nitrogen within a controlled atmosphere during the process.

Rapidox Oxygen Analysers

Cambridge Sensotec’s Rapidox zirconia oxygen gas analysers are designed to measure ppm levels of oxygen, making them ideal for nitrogen gas based applications. Measurement of residual oxygen levels is critical to maintaining a consistent nitrogen atmosphere. The presence of oxygen can increase the chances of oxidisation resulting in a compromise in quality in parts produced. By using the Rapidox gas analyser in the process, users can save on costly part rejects or failures.

The Rapidox range of gas analysers offers fast, accurate and reliable oxygen measurements ensuring quality and efficiency. Each Rapidox analyser is supplied with powerful software allowing users to data log oxygen measurements to aid quality control and traceability. The software also allows for the control of external devices, for example, a proportional flow control valve to optimise the use of nitrogen, which leads to significant cost savings by reducing nitrogen usage.

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