The Process of Inert Gas Blanketing


Sensitive materials within pharmaceutical, chemical and the food industry may experience quality degradation if it comes in contact with oxygen, moisture or other contaminants. Inert gas blanketing is a process used to protect volatile, combustible or perishable products from undesirable reactions such as oxidation or explosion. Gases with non-reactive properties such as nitrogen, helium or argon are often used for this.

During the blanketing procedure, inert gas is introduced into a sealed compartment, chamber, furnace or tank where its purpose is to displace the oxygen. Oxygen analysis within such applications is imperative in order to safeguard against impurities.

Cambridge Sensotec’s Rapidox 1100 and Rapidox 2100 zirconia oxygen gas analysers are ideal for inert gas applications as these instruments can measure oxygen content at the lowest level in parts per million, ensuring that the inert environment is as pure as possible. By using the Rapidox gas analyser within the process, users can save on costly part rejects or failures and ensure safety during the manufacturing process.

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