Rapidox SF6 Gas Analysers Launched at EP China

Rapidox SF6 Gas Analysers Launched at EP China ExhibitionCambridge Sensotec announced the launch of their new Rapidox SF6 6100 Pump Back gas analyser at the EP China Exhibition in Beijing this month. The analyser is designed for monitoring SF6 gas within medium and high voltage gas insulated electrical equipment. EP China is an international event organised by the China Electricity Council, showcasing electrical power automation equipment and technology to an international audience. The Rapidox SF6 6100 Pump Back gas analyser headlined the revamped range of Rapidox SF6 gas analysers on the Cambridge Sensotec stand, attracting many international visitors.

Rapidox SF6 6100 Pump Back Gas Analyser

A fully automatic SF6 gas analyser designed to store the gas samples or pump them back into the electrical equipment at high pressure, with no waste or emissions. Versatile and transportable, the battery powered instrument is housed within a heavy-duty Peli case, with wheels and a handle. It is the lightest instrument of its kind on the market, weighing only 17kg. Pre-programmed with ISO and CIGRE compliant test configurations, the portable analyser also includes an integrated thermal printer for printed test results on-site.

Rapidox SF6 6100 Portable Gas Analyser

Portable SF6 gas analysis field instrument, with over 8 hours of battery life. The gas analyser includes a unique Rapidri system to accelerate dew point readings and is pre-programmed with ISO and CIGRE compliant test configurations. A gas output nozzle can be used in conjunction with the Rapidox Gas Recovery Bag. The analyser is housed within an IP66 case and features an integrated thermal printer.

Rapidox SF6 6100 Bench Gas Analyser

Bench mounted SF6, SO2 and H2O analyser fitted with a unique Rapidri system. Features include fully programmable alarm circuits (volt free contacts), programmable analogue outputs (0-5V and 4-20mA), easy calibration (user selectable gases), RS232/RS485 communications and complete data logging software. Ideal for many SF6 analysis applications within the power, medical and process industries. The analyser is also compatible with industry standard gas recovery systems.

EP China – Symposium

Cambridge Sensotec had a unique opportunity to present the Rapidox SF6 6100 Pump Back Gas Analyser at a symposium held at the EP China exhibition. The presentation outlined the benefits of using the Rapidox products within electricity power generation condition based maintenance programmes.

EP China hosted over 800 worldwide exhibitors from 16 countries/regions, exhibiting in 8 exhibition halls. Visitors included professionals from many worldwide industries including power supply, power grid construction and transformation, power generation, electricity maintenance and power research and design institutes. To find out more, please visit the EP China website.

For further information on the new Rapidox range of SF6 gas analysis instruments, please visit www.sf6.co.uk, telephone +44 (0)1480 462142 or email sales@cambridge-sensotec.co.uk

EP China Exhibition

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