Stay safe with out BW and ISC portable gas detectors

Gas detectors are commonly used within the workplace as part of a Health and Safety system. Portable instruments protect personnel when they are working in potentially hazardous areas, whereas, fixed monitoring systems are ideal for monitoring static environments.  Having early warning devices such as gas detectors alert users to dangerous gases, avoiding incidents such as asphyxiation, explosions and even loss of life.

Why buy from Cambridge Sensotec?

All the gas detectors purchased from Cambridge Sensotec are supplied directly from the manufacturer. This ensures that upon arrival to you the sensors are as accurate as possible.  We offer a full calibration and maintenance service by fully trained technicians, so you can be assured that your detectors are working to optimum efficiency all year round. Giving you peace of mind whilst maintaining your important health and safety standards.

Take advantage of our exclusive offer – new orders will receive 50% off their first calibration!*

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