Zirconia and Electrochemical Oxygen Gas Sensors

Cambridge Sensotec is the forefront of oxygen sensing technology; design, development and manufacturing. Cambridge Sensotec can provide gas analysers to suit most applications in industry, research and education. Having expanded its Rapidox range to include a variety of multi-gas analysers our technological resources are now extremely diverse. Whether you require a gas analyser to analyse food packaging processes, a gas analyser suitable for high temperature & vacuum oxygen measurements in inert gases, or you need to gain valuable gas analytical data to assess the impact of environmental issues – Cambridge Sensotec have the gas analyser solution.

Cambridge Sensotec uses two types of oxygen sensors in its Rapidox range of gas analysers; zirconia and electrochemical. The majority of Rapidox gas analysers use a zirconia based sensor. There are several reasons this is preferred. A zirconia oxygen sensor has a very fast response time coupled with extremely accurate readings at low oxygen levels. Zirconia sensors also work exceptionally well in a vacuum and with pressurised gas. In addition to all of this, they are incredibly robust and have a long lifespan of over thirty-five thousand hours.

However, there are some environments in which the zirconia oxygen sensor is not suited. That is why Cambridge Sensotec also offers Rapidox units with electrochemical sensors. These are more suited to applications where explosive gases are present, such as hydrocarbons, or in the presence of volatile organic gases compounds (VOCs).

Electrochemical sensors also perform well in helium and hydrogen and are more suited for hazardous area use, as zirconia sensors operate at very high temperatures

Zirconia sensor advantages:
1) Rapid response time
2) Tough and difficult to damage
3) Long life expectancy
4) Good for analysing ultra-low oxygen levels
5) Operates well in pressurised gas
6) Functions well under vacuum

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