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It is vital for a long service life that the sample gas is kept as clean as possible at all times. We have a large range of dust and chemical filters available for internal and external use, together with water and moisture filters for wet gas applications. We have created a range of filter sets for more challenging applications such as solder flux gas where a combination of dust, PTFE and carbon trap is required. Filters are available in a number of housing materials such as PVDF, polyamide or more rugged stainless steel. Filter elements are typically either borosilicate glass microfibre (for coalescing and dust particles), PTFE (for chemical vapours) or activated carbon (for removal of VOCs). For wet applications, we have float-valve water traps to prevent water from entering an analyser or membrane filters to allow gas but no liquids through. These contain a porous PTFE type material for the membrane. Filters can be used in any combination to suit your exact requirement and we carry large stocks of replacement filter elements as well as gaskets and other connection fittings such as Swagelok pipe connectors. Our analysers can be configured to alarm when a filter becomes clogged and starts to impede the gas flow.

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