Rapidox 2100 Stainless Probe

Product Information

For rugged industrial oven applications, Sensotec has a range of special stainless measurement probes for insertion into a hot atmosphere through a thick wall of an oven. The zirconia sensor is housed in a specially constructed stainless sheath with the sensor tip housed in a recessed end housing for protection. The probe is 50cm long and is either welded to a standard size DN / ANSI flange or can be mounted onto a sample port using a KF50 flange and clamp system. The mounting point is therefore completely gas-tight and the clamp allows quick release of the probe for service and calibration. A blanking cap is provided for closure when the probe is not in position. The sensor can be connected to a standard R2100 or an OEM system via a rugged armoured cable that can be made in lengths up to 25m depending on the customers’ exact requirement.

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