Rapidox 3100 Gas Analyser Instrument Enhancements

Rapidox 3100 gas analyserWe are now able to offer our customers an enhanced choice of products with the addition of eight new gas analysers to the current Rapidox range offered at Cambridge Sensotec. Each will include either an electrochemical oxygen sensor or ppm electrochemical oxygen cell, both of which offer excellent levels of accuracy. The ppm electrochemical oxygen sensor is extremely sensitive to high levels of O2, including air and has therefore been fitted with solenoid valves to prevent damage. This new range of analysers can either be installed with an individual electrochemical sensor or paired with a carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or dew point sensor according to the individual requirements of the customer.

Our new Rapidox gas analysers use state of the art Infra-Red sensors to measure CO and CO2, providing full pressure and temperature correction as standard and are available in a variety of ranges, from ppm to percent. This new sensor is certified at thirteen dew point levels across its operating range against a certified reference hygrometer, using a mass-flow humidity generator system as a source of reference calibration gas.

All of our Rapidox 3100 gas analysers include an innovative linear-piston vacuum pump, which are exceptionally quiet, and the flow of gas can be easily adjusted as required. Readings are kept stable by an internal pressure sensor. Each analyser has fully programmable alarm circuits and analogue outputs, easy calibration with user-selectable gases, RS232 / RS485 communications and independent type K thermocouple, as well as complete communications / data-logging software. MS-Excel compatible logging software also allows the user to log fully the data for O2 & CO/CO2/H2O, together with temperature and pressure.

For further information on gas analysis, please contact us on +44 (0)1480 462142 or email sales@www.cambridge-sensotec.co.uk. Further details can also be found on our website www.cambridge-sensotec.co.uk

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