Cambridge Sensotec Rapidox Gas Analyser Software Upgrades to Version 7.14

Rapidox Gas Analyser software update

Cambridge Sensotec is proud to announce the Rapidox gas analyser software upgrade to provide users with enhanced performance. The updates come with several features including more resilient RS232 communications. The advantage of this is the Rapidox gas analyser range is now perfect for use in electronically noisy environments. The software upgrade also improves PC detection of the Rapidox unit with Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. An auto Rapidox software update alert is also displayed on the PC (internet connection required) when connected to the Rapidox gas analyser.

An additional feature available within this upgrade – it is now possible for our users to capture the main screen, XY plot and add a remote LCD, for use in report or SOP writing. Cambridge Sensotec has also made it easier to navigate captured data files, making the Rapidox one of the most function-rich and easy to use gas analysers available on the market – and incredibly good value too.

Cambridge Sensotec also has exciting advance news regarding the Rapidox SF6 Multimeter. Cambridge Sensotec is developing a new SF6 gas analyser featuring Infra-Red technology that will give the equipment superior detection capabilities. More details to follow.

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