New BW Technologies and Industrial Scientific Gas Detectors Available From Cambridge Sensotec

Gas Detectors

Cambridge Sensotec, manufacturers of the Rapidox range of gas analysers, is pleased to announce that BW Technologies and Industrial Scientific have both released exciting new handheld gas detectors to complement their existing catalogue.

BW Technologies have released the GasAlert MicroClip XT. Slightly larger than its predecessor, this unit features a larger Alpha Sense O2 cell that will last throughout the 2-year warranty. The unit has also been upgraded to include Intellflash. This gas detector offers continuous visual confirmation of operation and compliance.

Industrial Scientific are launching the new MX4 Ventis. The Ventis detects one to four gases including oxygen, combustible gases (LEL or CH4) and any of the following toxic gases: CO, H2S, NO2 and SO2. With its integrated pump option, the Ventis can draw samples from up to 100 metres. The over mould colour options are black or safety orange.
Additionally Cambridge Sensotec also has some exciting news as our Rapidox SF6 Multimeter IR system is making strides towards readiness. We are also expanding and correlating our gas analyser range to give users a more configurable final instrument.

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