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Witt Oxybaby

As the summer is finally upon us, the demand for BBQ produce will be on the increase over the coming months. As a special promotion for food production and packaging companies, Cambridge Sensotec is offering the Witt Oxybaby modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) testing equipment with a 10% discount until the end of July 2012.

WITT Oxybaby M+ and Oxybaby 6 are high specification sampling gas analysers for the food packaging (MAP) industry. The Oxybaby is an excellent and cost-effective cordless and handheld device, allowing it to be used on a production line or within a laboratory environment. The device is simple to operate with a clear, easy to read screen. Both the Oxybaby M+ and the Oxybaby 6 can be used to analyse either O2 or CO singularly or simultaneously, for which only a minimal gas sample volume is required. This allows the smallest of modified atmosphere packages (MAP) to be tested.

Along with these features, the Witt Oxybaby 6 has an integrated data log of the last 100 measurements which can be assigned to specific product names or line numbers, providing complete traceability.

Also available as a pressurised gas sample unit, the Oxybaby comes as standard with a carry case, two spare needles and filters, a set of 100 rubber seals and a mains adaptor. Optional extras include a data cable and a barcode reader.
Any orders placed for Oxybaby products by the end of July 2012 will benefit from our special offer of 10% discount!
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