Instant results with the Rapidox 5100 Biogas Analyser

The Rapidox 5100 Biogas Analyser is a high specification and portable instrument designed for the analysis, control and monitoring of biogas produced from the anerobic digestion of organic materials. Four key features of the analyser are:

> A mobile laboratory: a full spec laboratory-class in your hands.

> Instant calorific value reading: no need to send your gas sample away and wait for your results.

> Battery life: 8 hours on a full charge so you shouldn’t ever be caught out.

> Portability: all housed in a heavy-duty Peli case so you can move about a little easier.

For more information, click here for the technical specification sheet.

Whether you are a general biogas service provider, or work in a lab that does field analysis as well, we can help.

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