Introducing the Rapidox 1100L ppm O2 Analyser


Cambridge Sensotec has launched the latest in its series of high-performance electrochemical oxygen analysers. Gases including hydrogen, helium, explosive gases and certain solvents can interfere with the response of zirconia sensors in which case an electrochemical sensor may give better results.

The new Rapidox 1100L allows ppm oxygen measurements to be carried out in applications for which zirconia sensors are unsuitable, including measuring the purity of hydrogen and helium. Able to measure oxygen from 10,000ppm down to 0.1ppm, the Rapidox 1100L is a sister product to the Rapidox 1100E electrochemical analyser that can measure from 100% to 0.1% oxygen.

Cambridge Sensotec developed the 1100L alongside International Technologies GmbH of Germany. Sophisticated proprietary electronics enhance the response of the oxygen analyser while the electrochemical sensor has full temperature and pressure correction and is resistant to poisoning from carbon dioxide. Cambridge Sensotec has been manufacturing the Rapidox range of gas analysers since 2000. A worldwide distribution network enables the global exportation of the instruments.

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