New Rapidox SF6 Gas Analyser Introduced for Dielectric Breakdown Analysis


Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) gas is commonly used in medium and high voltage switchgear as an insulating medium. Regular inspection of the SF6 gas insulator allows preventative maintenance to be carried out which can increase the lifespan of both the switchgear and the SF6 gas. If a partial electrical discharge has occurred, then the decomposition product SO2 will be present within the SF6 gas.

The new Rapidox 3100C SF6 gas analyser from Cambridge Sensotec provides a precise indication of the condition of sulphur hexafluoride gas in high voltage switchgear. The Rapidox 3100C measures the concentration of SO2 and SF6 and also detects the moisture content within the SF6.

The Rapidox 3100C measures 0-100% SF6, 0-100ppm SO2 and -65°C to +20°C H2O dewpoint, and a stable reading is obtained in only a few minutes. All three gases (SF6, SO2 and H2O) are measured and data logged simultaneously.Readings can be studied in real time with the Microsoft Windows analysis software that is included as standard with the Rapidox gas analyser. DILO compatible self-seal fittings prevent leakage of the SF6 gas and a gas output nozzle allows for all of the sampled gas to be safely recovered and recycled.

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