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Cambridge Sensotec has been specialising in the manufacture of oxygen gas analysis equipment for over 17 years. Dynamic and flexible, Cambridge Sensotec continues to expand with an established worldwide distribution network and ISO 9001 accreditation.

Rapidox 1100 Oxygen Gas Analyser
One of the most popular, cost-effective and versatile gas analysers is the Rapidox 1100 range. The Rapidox 1100 gas analyser is available with a choice of oxygen sensors designed for measuring 1 ppm levels to 100% gas, within inert atmospheres or gases containing VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), suiting a wide range of applications. For example; gloveboxes, welding, solder reflow ovens, additive manufacturing and metal heat treatment.

Rapidox 2100 Oxygen Analyser
Ideal for those who want to measure low ppm oxygen analysis in vacuum and high-temperature applications such as in; gas production testing, additive manufacturing, combustion, gloveboxes, inert gas blanketing, manufacturing and within metal heat treatment.

Rapidox 3100 Multigas Analyser
The Rapidox 3100 range includes precision single, dual and triple gas analysis instruments providing powerful functionality and rich features. Designed for process, research and development applications, this gas analyser has proven very popular with universities and research institutes worldwide. Measurable gases include O2, CO2, CO, H2, Cl2, N2O, H2O and CH4 to suit the application.

Rapidox 5100 Portable Multigas Analyser
The Rapidox 5100 Multigas Analyser is a high specification portable instrument designed for the analysis, control and monitoring of gas in a wide range of applications including; biogas, syngas, anaerobic digestion and fermentation processes. Up to six gases are simultaneously measured using a range of high precision gas sensors; each sensor is specially designed and calibrated to avoid any cross-interference effects with the background process gas. Measurable gases may include: CO2, CO, H2O, O2, SO2, CH4, H2 and H2S amongst others.

Rapidox SF6 6100, Bench, Portable and Pump Back
The Rapidox SF6 gas analyser range is designed for many applications including the testing of high voltage gas insulated electrical equipment, medical monitoring, process gas analysis and SF6 gas purity tests. Available as a bench mounted unit, portable or with a pump back gas return system.

Rapidox 7100 Rack Mounted Multigas Analyser
The Rapidox 7100 Multigas Analyser is a high specification instrument designed for the analysis, control and monitoring of process gas in a wide range of industries.  It allows the option of selecting multiple gas sensing configurations to suit the application. Measurable gases may include: CO2, CO, H2O, O2, SO2, CH4, H2 and H2S amongst others. The analyser is housed within a 19″ (482mm) enclosure for convenient mounting into an industry standard test equipment rack.

Cambridge Sensotec offers a wide range of complementary accessories for the Rapidox gas analysers. This includes the Rapidox 2112 Multiplex, a sequential gas sampling system that allows up to 15 channels, Rapidox Gas Recovery Bag that provides storage and transportation for up to 80 litres of gas and also available is a range of filters, probes and printers.

A range of servicing and support options are available such as calibration. This significantly increases the measurement, reliability and repeatability of gas analysis equipment. A full calibration service is available via state-of-the-art automated calibration stations, designed to calibrate Rapidox gas analysers accurately and efficiently.

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