Reducing Board Sizes, Increasing Possibilities

Cambridge Sensotec have been offering high-performance gas analysers that have been meeting gas analysis requirements for almost 20 years. What you might be unfamiliar with, however, is the OEM solutions side of the business.

OEM gas analyser solutions has seen a steady growth over recent years, with customer demand for smaller, more compact OEM’s becoming greater. It is now possible to strip back the electronics of an OEM board, remove unwanted components in the process and ultimately, lower the cost.

Because of this, we decided to the create the Rapidox 2100-OEM-RSB (Reduced Sized Board) range. These versions are miniature 24V editions of our existing high-performance zirconia oxygen (O2) analyser. With all the same original OEM features as well as multiple improvements, we believe the RSB range is the future of OEM solutions.

Features of the Rapidox 2100-OEM-RSB include:

•    Zirconia sensor supplied with bespoke cable
•    Miniature circuit board with DIN rail mount enclosure options
•    Pre-calibrated sensors for uninterrupted service
•    Analogue and Digital outputs
•    Two programmable alarms
•    Type K thermocouple option

All the above features, along with Modbus-RTU as the coms protocol, come as standard. These help make the ideal OEM solution for remote in-situ gas analysis over the full oxygen range 10-20ppm to 100% O2.

To further emphasise how flexible this OEM is, we have made this analyser available in four different configurations: a basic circuit board, a custom DIN rail version and a full metal DIN rail enclosure, with or without local display and keypad. Across the RSB configurations, the technology and the quality remains unchanged.

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