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Everyone remembers the saying ‘the proof is in the pudding’. However, in 2019 the proof is very much in the packaging.

The desire for fresher and longer lasting products in the food and beverage industry is becoming greater and greater. With such demand brings a need for better quality control methods, as well as the implementation of new technologies.

Arguably the most popular method involves Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Which is where the atmosphere inside the packaging is modified in order to fight off bacteria and stop oxidation of the food. This then enables the product to stay on the supermarket shelf for longer, retaining freshness and prevent microbes from growing.

MAP works on the basis that gases in contact with the product are replaced by controlled gaseous mixtures, which in turn flushes air from the packaging. Some of the more commonly used gases include carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen, although this depends on the product. For example, oxygen is generally used to package meat products as it maintains colouring.

With the world population constantly increasing, different challenges are presented. Companies want to be more cost-effective whilst reducing their carbon footprint. Food products are also travelling further afield, reaching new customers in different destinations. These factors all point to the use of MAP and other similar technologies as a solution. Thankfully, a method that Cambridge Sensotec can help with.

After years of working with organisations within the food and beverage industry, Cambridge Sensotec offers a range gas analysers and solutions to give the customer peace of mind when it comes to packaging integrity.

The Rapidox 1100 Oxygen Gas Analyser is a highly accurate and responsive machine designed for measuring low ppm oxygen, making this analyser ideal for applications where the removal of oxygen is required, like meat products, for example.

The Rapidox 3100 Multigas Analyser, another analyser from the Rapidox range, is a high precision instrument used for measuring a combination of gases. The combination is usually oxygen with other gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Whether the user requires single or multiple gas analysis, the aim remains the same; to assist in the maintaining of gases inside food or packaging.

To learn more about the capabilities and gases that can be measured with the Rapidox 3100, please click here.

Cambridge Sensotec’s leak detection brand, Dynascan, is another alternative for customers who need to fulfil packaging standards in the food industry. Dynascan offers both destructive and non-destructive utilising technologies such as force decay, altitude testing and bubble emission testing.

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