The Rapidox 2113 Sample Pump


The Rapidox 2113 sample pump is an accessory for end-users of gas analysis equipment who need to draw a sample of gas from their process. With it not always being easy to situate your analyser close to the measurement point, especially in certain applications, the 2113 sample pump offers a convenient solution thanks to its auxiliary pump. Users of the Rapidox 2100 will be particularly interested as this analyser does not come with its own fitted pump. Don’t worry if you don’t own a 2100 though – it works with every analyser from the Rapidox range!

The Rapidox 2113 is a small and compact 24Vdc pump built from quality materials. The unit has a stainless steel flow gauge with a precision needle valve flow adjuster to produce a smooth and accurately metered flow of gas. Also, the aforementioned pump can be used for fresh air flushing and analyser calibration, further emphasising the versatility and compatibility of the product.

The vacuum pump itself was manufactured by Nitto, a world leader in pump technology. This high-end pump operates in an extremely quiet manner (40 dB/m or less) and the Japanese giant has left their mark of quality on the pump. The unit is also provided with a worldwide 24Vdc power adapter to fit all common worldwide plug sockets.

Finally, the pump is designed to be compatible with 6mm OD/ 4mm ID (1/4″) tubing and uses nickel-plated nipple type fittings for the gas inlet and outlet ports. As it is a vacuum pump with both inlet and outlet streams, it can be used to either draw or blow the gas sample. As no gas escapes into the unit and the fittings are gas-tight, the pump can be used safely with gases that are toxic giving the user assurance in their processes.

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