Remote Support for Rapidox Gas Analysers

Cambridge Sensotec Introduce Team Viewer to Enable Remote Diagnostics Support

Cambridge Sensotec is proud to announce a new remote support service for their Rapidox gas analyser customers. The company appreciates how critical their Rapidox gas analysers are to their customer’s applications and processes, prompting the instigation of this service.

For any technical questions that may arise, beyond the usual troubleshooting procedure, Cambridge Sensotec can now offer a remote log-in service to rectify straight forward issues. Team Viewer allows trained technicians to log-in to a customer’s computer remotely and view first-hand how the connected Rapidox gas analyser is operating. A solution to the majority of issues can be found and rectified by our technicians without the need to return the analyser. This new service allows for quick and easy diagnostics without the need for costly return shipment, making it particularly useful for overseas customers.

This remote support service is provided free of charge during the warranty period of all Rapidox gas analysers. As every Rapidox gas analyser is supplied with a Windows software CD, all that is required is to connect the Rapidox to an internet ready PC. Alternatively, if no internet connection is available, diagnostic data is able to be downloaded from the Rapidox and sent to Cambridge Sensotec via email, for analysis.

In other news, Cambridge Sensotec is now a member of the Achilles Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB). After passing strict verification, the business has been awarded a certificate of registration. This allows utility companies within the United Kingdom to access Cambridge Sensotecs profile and product catalogue. The UVDB system provides a fair, open and transparent means of selecting suppliers for potential tender opportunities while ensuring that utility companies comply with EU Procurement Legislation.

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