The Multifunctional Rapidox 1100ZR3 Multiplex Gas Analyser

Multifunctional Rapidox 1100 ZR3

The new Multifunctional Rapidox ZR3 is the next generation of process gas analyser. This unit is capable of measuring three different streams of gas sequentially using just one analyser. Perfect for applications that require oxygen analysis in inert gases and CO2, the Rapidox ZR3 can measure O2 from 1ppm to 100%. Such applications include nitrogen generator purity checks, nitrogen blanketing in mass flow soldering and semiconductor-related diffusion drying furnaces.

The Rapidox ZR3 can be controlled using the bespoke software supplied with the analyser. This allows the user to set sampling times for each channel, programme high and low gas alarms and ‘name’ channels for easy recognition. If the unit is required for a standalone application, all sequences can be programmed via an integrated user control panel with the intuitive menu system.

With extremely low maintenance costs and a very robust zirconia oxygen sensor, the ZR3 gives users high reliability and pinpoint accuracy over the full O2 range. The unit is also available in a panel mount configuration.

Benefits and Features

• High reliability and accuracy +-1% of reading
• Low maintenance
• Large measuring range 1ppm – 100% with automatic range selection
• Programmable alarm outputs
• RS232 and 4-20mA output as standard
• Bespoke, Microsoft compatible software included
• Configurable sampling for the most complex of applications
• Sample gas supplied by gas pressure or internal pump

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