Rapidox 2100-FGA Forming Gas Analyser

Product Information

The Rapidox 2100-FGA Forming Gas Analyser is a special variant of an existing zirconia oxygen analyser which allows fast and accurate oxygen analysis over the full oxygen range to extremely low levels commonly found in hydrogen forming gas.

The sensor measurement range is extended down to 10E-30ppm O2 to cover the ultra-low oxygen partial pressures in forming gas mixtures. The sensor is designed for high-temperature operation which can be extended up to 1000°C when using one of the available insertion sample tubes.

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Product Information

The Rapidox provides continuous on-line oxygen analysis, with a typical response time of fewer than 4 seconds for a 90% response to a step-change in gas compositions. In addition to this, the analyser performs complex thermodynamic equations to calculate the H2O dewpoint of the forming gas. These calculations have been verified by a resident thermodynamics expert at Cambridge University. The operator simply dials in the hydrogen content of the forming gas and the analyser does the rest. The dewpoint is then displayed simultaneously on-screen in either °Cdp or ppmV.

The temperature is determined either from the sensor head (up to 660°C) or above this, the temperature is recorded using the type K thermocouple which is fitted as standard.

The analyser is packed with features including programmable alarm circuits, programmable analogue outputs, easy calibration (user selectable gases), RS232 & Modbus communications and complete communications / data-logging software. Additional sensors may be attached via the auxiliary socket which will read most standard 4-20mA transmitters. Currently, the Rapidox 2100-FGA can be configured to read pressure or vacuum. A vast array of special fittings, filters and manifolds are available for both oxygen and auxiliary sensors, to make this a completely versatile instrument that can be installed almost anywhere. Depending on the application, the sensors can be located up to 25 meters from the analyser using optional sensor extension cables.

The instrument can be panel mounted (19″) or supplied within a wall-mountable, IP65 weatherproof housing. The oxygen sensor can then be positioned remotely, in either a separate cabinet or as a standalone sensor. A printer option is also available. All Rapidox analysers come with full Windows software that allows for remote configuration and monitoring of readings, as well as a full data-logging package that includes live-time graphing of each sensor channel.

Finally, the Rapdox 2100-FGA complies with EMC Directive 2004 / 108 / EC. UL/ETL Certification Number: UL-61010-1.


  • Designed for forming gas applications, particularly those in metal heat treating
  • Ultra low measurement down to 10E-30ppm allow for extreme temperatures
  • Thermodynamic H2O dewpoint
  • Alarm relay circuits for a complete monitoring solution
  • OLED display (20 x 4 characters) for clear visibility from all vantage points
  • Verified at Cambridge University by a thermodynamics expert; the Rapidox 2100-FGA is high quality
  • Easy user calibration procedure for after-sale longevity
  • Pre-calibrated sensor enables the user to swap over locally without a PC – we call it ‘hot swap sensor’.
  • Type K thermocouple (0-1250°C)
  • 0-5V and 4-20mA
  • Installed with Modbus RTU language protocol for a full communications & data-logging experience
  • Pin code protection for extra security
  • Complies with EMC Directive 2004 / 108 / EC. UL/ETL Certification Number: UL-61010-1

Product Specification

Type Measurement
O2 Sensor Range10E-30ppm to 30% (special extended range)
H2O ReadingH2O Dewpoint is calculated using thermodynamics
Optional Pressure sensor-1 to 0 bar vacuum, 0-5 and 0-10 bar gauge pressure as standard. Supplied on 2m cable. High precision versions available
Thermocouple (included)Type K, range 0-1250°C, ±1°C
Sample Connections4mm ID / 6mm OD nipple type connected to metal manifold. Rectus or Swagelok options. Front or rear positioning
Warm-up time60 seconds at 20°C
Oxygen Sensor cable2m high temperature sheathed cable as standard. Fully shielded with a quick-release plug. Extension cables available up to 25m total length
Voltage outputs0–5V (user-configurable) into minimum 5kΩ
Digital outputsRS232 (RS485 option available): data streamed on demand / Modbus RTU / Ethernet
Current outputs4–20mA current loop (user-configurable) into maximum 500Ω
Max Working Pressure & Min Working Pressure10 bar, 200 bar burst pressure, Vacuum tight down to below 10E-4 Torr (0.0013 mbar gauge)
Display20 x 4 character OLED
Supply Voltage90-260VAC, 50/60Hz
Analyser dimensions250mm x 263mm x 150mm (without optional handle kit fitted) Panel Mount: 300mm wide x 4U high
Weight3.5kg (including sensor