Oxygen Gas Analysers

Cambridge Sensotec specialises in the manufacture of Rapidox oxygen analysers. We have a vast knowledge and experience within a wide range of oxygen applications, especially at low ppm levels; for further information, please click on the product of interest below to find out more.

Note that if you work in a laboratory or factory environment where there is a risk of oxygen depletion due to the presence of nitrogen in your process, then you may wish to consider the use of suitable personal oxygen gas detectors or a fixed area detection system to ensure that the oxygen content of the air is safe. Please follow this link for further information:


Rapidox 1100
Oxygen Gas Analyser
Rapidox 2100
Oxygen Gas Analyser
Rapidox 2100-FGA
Forming Gas Analyser


Rapidox 3100
Rapidox 3100 Multigas Analyser
Multigas Analyser
Rapidox 2112 Multiplex
Multigas Analyser
Rapidox OEMs
OEM Gas Analyser Solutions