Other Industries

We take pride in our state-of-the-art technology that serves various industries, ensuring accurate and efficient gas analysis.

Our gas analysers play a crucial role in several sectors, including ceramic capacitors, inert gas blanketing, medical & pharmaceutical, and food.

In the world of electronic components, ceramic capacitors are widely used for their excellent dielectric properties. However, during the manufacturing process, it is essential to maintain a controlled atmosphere to ensure optimal performance. This is where gas analysers come into play.

By continuously monitoring the gas composition within the manufacturing environment, our gas analysers help maintain the required gas levels such as nitrogen, oxygen, and moisture.

In industries such as oil refineries, chemical processing, and storage facilities, inert gas blanketing is a common practice to prevent the oxidation and degradation of sensitive materials. Gas analysers are crucial in this process as they monitor the gas atmosphere within storage tanks and process vessels.

The medical and pharmaceutical industries demand the highest level of precision and purity. Gas analysers play a critical role in ensuring compliance with stringent regulations and quality control standards. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, gas analysers help monitor and control the gas composition during the production of drugs, ensuring that the desired concentration of gases, such as carbon dioxide or oxygen, is maintained for optimal processing conditions.

The food industry places a premium on freshness, quality, and safety. Gas analysers are invaluable tools in ensuring these parameters are met throughout the production and storage processes. By analysing the gas composition in food packaging, our gas analysers help determine the presence of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases, which directly impact the food’s shelf life. This allows food producers to optimise packaging conditions, extend product freshness, and reduce waste.

By providing accurate and reliable gas analysis, our products contribute to enhanced product quality, process optimisation, compliance with regulations, and ultimately, the safety and satisfaction of our customers.